37 Peninsula Cottages, Wroxham

Romantic Riverside Cottage
at the Capital of the Broads

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Capital of the Broads, Wroxham, is where boating holidays began in the 1800s.  Wroxham is on the right bank of the River Bure and the village over the bridge on the left bank is named Hoveton, although today they are .... continue

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What to See

Within 5-miles is a steam railway, model railway, river boats, three broads, a theme park, gardens, beautiful riverside villages, ruined abbey and more.  Slightly further will take you to windmills, castles, beaches, medieval towns…. continue

Things to see on foot: here


The waters around Bure Cottage are brimming with bream, pike and roach.  Many anglers come in the spring and autumn every year just for the sport. Late in the year when the Bure River cools, many fish swim .... continue


A rod license can be purchased from any post office or online here

Online bead & pearl supplies: MrBead.co.uk